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Penny Auctions – Learn How To Bid And Win.

Getting started with penny auctions –  See how you can bid and win.


Screen shot of bidding offers

Bidding offers during a live penny auction online

Penny auctions are online bidding websites where you bid for massive discounts on almost everything you want to buy. They are very different from conventional auctions because you buy things at a small fraction of the normal price paid in a shopping mall. For example you might bid for a smart phone or television and get it for five or ten dollars.

Penny auction bids increase by only one cent for each new bid hence the name “penny auction”.  Bidding also comes to an end after a specific time period so the price does not climb ever higher. The last bidder at the time when the penny auction comes to an end is the winner and that person buys the product for the value of the final bid.

Online auctions – getting started.

The best way to get started is to explore a top penny auction website. Simply complete the free sign up form to get full access. Read the guide to how the auction works and then spend some time watching a few auctions.

You are then ready to get some hands on experience but before entering an actual penny auction pick one or two products you would like to buy and while you watch the bidding try to plan when you would place your bids. This way you will learn the best penny auction strategy to being the winner.

Tactics can be important. Remember, it is the last bidder prior to the penny auction closing who wins the massive discount. So, what you do not want to do is bid too early in the auction because your early bids might be wasted when other bidders come in after you. Tactically it is better to use a few bids in the last seconds of the penny auction rather than wasting them in the early minutes after the auction opens. Good tactics help you to bid and win.

By watching a few auctions while you are getting early experience you will develop a feeling for the sort of prices products are sold for.  As an auction reaches the typical sale price range is also an important time to consider entering the bidding.

Be aware of the other bidders. Are they very aggressive and keep entering bids as soon as they are outbid? Fast moving auctions are often an indication that somebody is very determined to win and will keep bidding right up to the last second and it might be difficult for you to get your final bid in just before the close.

Penny auctions are not just a great way to get massive discounts . They are also the fun way to buy things so go ahead and complete the free registration so you can bid and win the things you want.